1970:-The Manipur Rural Institute Society, formerly called the Rural Education Society was established on 26-2-1970 by some eminent educationists and social workers under the pattern of other Rural Institutes in India.
1970:-The Manipur Rural Institute High School is also established in this year under the sponsorship of this society.
1972:- Youth Service Wing, MRIS.

1973:- Adult Literacy Programme.

1974:- Non Formal Education Programme.

1975:- M.R.I Agricultural college (bifurcated and taken over by Govt. of Manipur in 1977- 78

1997:- Women Welfare Department, MRI.
1977:- Rural development Programme.
1979:- Child Health Centre.
1979:- Rural Polytechnic
1981:- Library and Information cum Guidance service
1981:- Health Education Unit.

1982:- Community Health Volunteers Scheme.
1983:- Socio- Economic Programme for Poor and Needy Women.

1985:- Child welfare programme and protection programme
1988:- Awakening Home (A Counselling Centre for Drugs Addicts) under MSJE, New Delhi.
1989:- Construction of low cost latrine under CAPART
1990:-Crèches Workers Training under Govt. of India, MHRD, New Delhi
1991:- Training of volunteers under Awareness Programme for AIDS Control in Man1pur under    IGSSS, New Delhi
1992:- Seminar cum United Nation Volunteer Domestic Development Service Recruitment under UNDP, New Delhi.
1993:- Safe Motherhood of child care camp under MVHA
1993: -Road Safety Awareness Programme under Ministry of Surface Transport, New Delhi
1994:- Training For "Project Formulation and Financial Management under C.V.T.C Manipur.
1995:- Training to Tribal Agricultural Women in Electrical work under Govt. of India Ministry of women Labour New Delhi
1995:- Community Based Intervention Programme on HIV infection / AIDS and STDs (ECVHAI Project).
1996:- Construction of Horizontal Roughing Water Filters/ Slow Sand Filters Under Water AID, London.
1997:-integrated Welfare project for Elders under Help Age,India.
1998:-Working Children Welfare Programme under Child Labour Project under Ministry of Labours, New Delhi.
1999:-instituted Environment Education Resource Centre (EERC) under Environmental Education, Ahmedabad
1999:-A-15 Bedded DE-addiction was upgraded from the existing counselling Centre for Drug Addicts.
1999:- Handloom and loin-loom production from diversify jute under National centre for jute diversification, ministry of Textile, Govt, of India.
2000:- Rapid Intervention and Care Project (RIAC) under Manipur AIDS Control Society.
2001:- Dry-Fish fermentation production centre under Ministry of Agriculture, Dept. of Food Processing Industry, New Delhi.
2002:- Manufacturing of Herbal Medicine.
2002:- Integrated Water Sanitation and Nutrition Project (WATSAN) and School Sanitation Project under UNICEF, New Delhi.
2002:- Continuation of (WATSAN) project.
2002:- Continuation of RIAC project.
2003:- Total Sanitation camping. Established Rural Sanitary MART/ Production Centre by construction a work shed measuring 30 X 25 ft. (low cost latrine) under Ministry of Rural Development, New Delhi.2004:- Training on Community Health Worker under Manipur Voluntary Health Association (MVHA) under MVHA.
2004:- Awareness camp on Women Empowerment.
2005:- Training on DAIS / TBA at khoken Villages, Sadar Hills Senapati under MVHA
2006:- Formation of Shelf Help Group for women under MVHA.
2006/7:- Peer Led Intervention reducing the risk of HIV among drugs users under RRTC – NE –1.
2007:- Three days Volunteers Training on RCH (23th to 25th January, 2007) under MVHA.
2007:- WORKSHOP on “Role of women/ Men in Gender Equality” under Nehru Yuba Kendra.
2008:- Reducing substance use related HIV Vulnerability in female Drug Users under UNODC.
2009:- National Environmental Awareness Campaign at Patsoi Part 3 under Govt. of Manipur Department of Forestry Ecology Wing.
2009:- Follow up programme for HIV Vulnerability in female Drug users .
2010:- Youth Leader Programme under NKY.
2011:- Awareness programme on prevention and control of Vector Borne diseases under Nation    Vector Borne Diseases Control Programme, Manipur.
2011:- Training programme on Entrepreneurship Development under NSIC.
2012/13:- ICFAI University Students for Internship Programme under ICFAI, Tripura.
2013/14:- Observance of World Food Day.
2013:- In Collaboration with Govt. Of India, Community food and Nutrition Extension, Ministry of Women and Child Development  
2015: Observance of 42nd Foundation Day, Nehru Yuba Kendra SangSathan in Collaboration with the Office of the Imphal West, District, NYK.
2016 – 2020:- Running “A 15 beaded rehabilitation for Addicts” (IRCA) under MSJE, New